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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ladybug Cover

Hey folks,

Just saw the cover I did for Ladybug Magazine on shelves. Go buy a copy now! This one is done in watercolor, collage, ink, digital....


Anonymous said...

Your work is wonderful! All of it!

Charles Santoso said...

Hi Lee,
Really great stuff you have here :)

Are you still joining the VLP btw (I 'met' you in the VLP forum quite a while ago)?

All the best everything!


Lee White Illustration said...

Thanks guys, glad you like it!

Hi Charles, I'm not with the VLP anymore. I tried to become part of the staff there, but I guess it didn't work out. I love those guys though! Sterling and John are really awesome. I just felt like I shouldn't be paying to critique other people's work at this stage of my career.

Your work is awesome by the way! Are you still on the VLP site??