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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brewster the Rooster

My newest book has been sent to the printer and will be out this spring. It's called "Brewster the Rooster". It's about a rooster with bad eyesight who ends up crowing at everyone and scaring the heck out of them. Here's a few images. I'll post a link once it's available at stores or on Amazon. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Very nice pics Lee. I can see how the paper towel rubbing makes this soft glow. However do you do the details though? Best luck for sales!!

Anonymous said...

Lee- Beautiful! LOVE Grandma's teeth! Good luck with it (but, from what I see, you won't need luck!!!)
Sally Vitsky

Shug said...

Wonderful images - very whimisical and fun! The colors are bright without overwhelming the scenes. I love those textures - how do you get that mottled effect?

Olivier aubin said...

A lot of awesome works!


jazzlamb said...

Woaho! It just keeps getting better!

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susan strangio said...

there is another lee white, a lithograph you know of him? Your art is so much like his i thought you were him! He live(d) in Chico California and has "vanished". Are you the same person? He use to make "paintings" from flat frogs which cars had smashed to paper thin..he placed them in many situations-dancing frogs is the one i remember the most-and framed them in glass to live forever...and a huge 15 feet tall painting of a HUGE gorilla-named "gorilla of my dreams". very creative....